Tell it Louise!!



I was watching CSPAN last night thinking to myself I must be the only nerd in the world glued to this political junkie station.

Then I checked my Facebook page.

Then a good friend of mine started messaging me and we did the play by play as we both watched – the same thing we do during Yankees games to celebrate every Jeter play, every ARod hit.

So I was joined by a whole army of people as we watched a truly historic moment – the House FINALLY passed healthcare reform – now it is on to the President’s desk.

Congratulations to each and every one of you that did everything from travel 26 hours round trip to DC with me, to making phone calls, attending rallies, writing letters to the editor, calling your Representatives again and again, to just talking to your neighbor.

This win is for you.

And according to our President – “this is what change looks like”.

Now, let’s make it better!


How big money tried to stop health care reform in a picture...

How big money tried to stop health care reform in a picture

The Republicans relent…

This just in…they are going to be finished with the health care votes in the Senate on Christmas Eve.

From Roll Call:
Reid, McConnell Reach Deal to Adjourn Early

Dec. 22, 2009, 2:24 p.m.
By John Stanton
Roll Call Staff


Senate Republicans have agreed to end their filibuster of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) health care reform bill a few hours early on Christmas Eve, a move that will allow the GOP to technically stick to its promise to force Dec. 24 vote on the measure while still making it possible for Senators to return home for the holiday.

Under the agreement between Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), votes on final passage of the health care bill and a two-month extension to the debt limit sometime before early afternoon on Christmas Eve.

Republicans also have secured the right to offer between two and four votes to the long-term debt limit extension, which is expected to come to the floor sometime in February.

McConnell presented the deal to his Conference during the GOP’s weekly luncheon Tuesday. Although many Members had hoped to force the chamber to remain in session until Thursday night, with a ice storm threatening to disrupt travel to the Midwest, Republicans ultimately agreed to end the debate earlier than planned.

Reid and McConnell were expected to announce the exact timing of the Christmas Eve votes on the floor later in the day.

NOW We can REALLY Celebrate a Victory – I believe there will be more to come!!!

Don’t lose site of the Victories

We actually got 60 votes lat night in the Senate last night. It might not be a good bill, I’m not judging that – but it is a victory. And it’s ours to either claim or give away. We turned the corner. We forced the Congress to vote for the people, and to start down the road to reform. Its ONLY a beginning. Bit if we don’t claim this significant victory – 75 years in the making, then Limbaugh, Beck and the Republicans will claim it and it’s not theirs to claim – don’t’ let them! This is not the time for the perfect to be the enemy of the good. Keep that in mind in your discussions and emails today.
Now that said, we don’t give up the fight – this bill is only a beginning and its our job to make it better!!!

Getting Some Backbone

It’s starting…

The Dems are starting to go to the mat…

I think it really started with Al Franken shutting Liberman up yesterday on the floor of the Senate and then John McCain whining about it, only to be chided by Levin. It’s about time BOYS!

And then Axelrod finally started venting his ire at the right source – Nelson. Now let’s cut Liberman down to his little man status.

I will take this as the time when your mother is sooo mad at you that she whispers your name, your full name – including your middle name. You know you are going down then.

Let’s whisper – let’s use their full names. MoveOn did it yesterday when they raised $1 million in 2 days to take Liberman OUT.

No more nice Dems.

I got a call from a strong, consensus building, politically savvy operative from NYC yesterday. She is always the first to try to calm the waters, to work to bring everyone together. That is until she puts the gloves on… Let me tell you, her gloves are on.

So she, I, other NY progressives are mad. We are getting our messages in through the backdoor. We are still calling the offices of our Senators and Congressmembers. But we are also seeking out anyone we remotely know in the Administration – someone that worked on the campaign with us and now has a job in DC. We’re telling them the truth – the people are losing hope and we are losing them.

Let me tell you something about working in DC, because I did that 20+ years ago. You may or may not have heard of this phenomenon – it’s called an “inside the Beltway mentality”. And it is the thing that occurs when you work in Washington and become insulated to what is happening in the rest of the Country. You are so focused on the tactics and legislation in front of you, you believe so strongly in what you are doing that you don’t see how it is playing “in the field” aka: outside of DC.

The message to those we know who work in DC is this – this is playing VERY badly in the field right now. People are losing hope that their best interests are being served in this bill negotiation process. It is time to call in some political capital – to take Liberman into the backroom, one and one, and come carrying a very BIG stick with you, scare his whimpy little self into dumping the vendetta and working for the people.

No more Mr. Nice Guy, Ms. Nice Lady – Dems it’s time to kick some ass, take the names later. Out here in the field, when you do that, we’ve got your back. MoveOn proved that yesterday.

And for those of you in the field – send the message, and then back em up when they do this because they are putting themselves on the line for us – if we walk away from them now, if we back down from this fight then we are no better than Liberman.

Now go make a call, and don’t forget to whisper and use their middle name.

I Call on the President

Now is the time to lead. And we elected Barack Obama to lead us in the darkest hours.

We need no less than words of hope that any health care legislation that makes it out of the Senate is not a huge giveaway to the private insurance industry.

We hope for words that say that Senators with an agenda, pockets lined with lobbyist money and personal vendetta’s are not going to be allowed to bury true reform.

We ardently wish for an LBJ style line in the sand that says – “I will do whatever I need to and that is within my power to make sure that this bill not only passes out of Congress and to my desk but that it will truly help the American people I have been chosen to lead, nothing less will be signed with my pen.”

These are the darkest hours when the mess that is Democracy is exposed for the failures that lie in the power of money and influence. But it is also our moment when we can shine. When we can beat back the influence of the fat cat lobbyists and the uber rich that feel we are nothing but a bother to their agenda to rule the world.

And I wish my saying that was enough to get people motivated – but i understand that we need someone with the rhetorical skills, with the intelligence and persuasion not to mention the ultimate bully pulpit that the President owns – we need Obama to be his very best Obama and to lead us so that we will continue to fight for ourselves and our neighbors. Not see the troops go home saying, “what a screwed us system, we were taken again…”